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Tekrapy Fusion Hybrid EHR 
       The best of both worlds

The Tekrapy Fusion Hybrid EHR is a dual software deployment consisting of a Cloud-Powered online software interface and an offline and non-internet-dependent interface synced to provide unique data management, duplication and transfer capabilities. It also consists of a physical server hardware configured with several state-of-the-art data center technology server software.

Tekrapy Fusion Hybrid Features

Automated Data 
Save time by automating core data protection tasks such as backup, scheduling, replication, backup copy with policies, automated and advanced data protection. Image-based backups of running servers
 include disks and configuration files. 
Increased Backup 
leverage the power of incremental backups (CBT/RCT/CRT), LAN-free data transfer and Network Acceleration. Instantly recover servers, files, or application objects, including across platforms.

Continuous Data
Switch from running daily backups to backing up as frequently as every 5 minutes through a continuous data protection model, significantly improving the Recovery Point Objective (RPO). 

AES-256 Data


You can specify a backup target, choose an encryption key (optional), define how long you wish to retain your backup versions, and select which physical volumes to protect.

When Intranet Meets The Cloud

Cloud And Local Server Replication
Replication allows you to create and maintain identical copies of your server instances. Data protection functionality provides for full automation of the replication process. The replication technology in our solution allows you to resume operations in your server infrastructure in no time.

Instant And Granular
Rapidly recover not only cloud infrastructures but also separate local server instances and individual files. Granularity comes in handy when only specific data needs to be recovered, thus allowing for shorter Recovery Time Objectives. 

Orchestrate Site 


Fail over and fail back an entire site, perform non-disruptive recoverability testing and migrate your data center in a few clicks. Should a disaster affect one of the physical servers on your network, you can easily restore and access it in the virtual environment.

Already have an intranet EHR? Our Incremental, application-aware backup
can securely back up any data footprint to the cloud. Secure Windows, Windows Workstation and Linux Server backups with global deduplication and compression using multi-deployment options.